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Montana's love of the outdoors extends to every walk of life. Montanans believe in self-sufficiency, sustainability, and conservationism. They believe in personal health and enjoying the great outdoors. Here in Bozeman, MT at Elysian Gardens and Montana Landscape Curbing, we share your values, and it is our passion to bring your landscaping to life. Why settle when you could have lavish gardens, drought-tolerant vegetation, and hardscaping that accentuates your home's natural beauty? We are dedicated to providing uncommon services with excellent execution. Our team of qualified landscapers and designers are here for all your landscaping needs, whatever they may be.

We specialize in concrete landscape curbing, patios, fences, hardscapes, gardens, and conservative irrigation. Our team is working hard to bring you hydroponic and deep winter greenhouse solutions that will put food sustainability into your hands, allowing you to produce high-quality, organic vegetables year-round with maximum efficiency and minimal effort on your part. Landscaping extends far beyond aesthetics. Your landscaping is an extension of your home in Bozeman, MT and should provide you with the same functionality.

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Wilton A. Harris: Designer and Project Manager. 406-624-9850

Introducing a Reimagined Approach to Landscaping

One with Modern Design and a Sustainable Approach

That involves Integrative Spatial Utilization and Conservative Irrigation

That Increases the Value of Your Home with Unique Beauty

And Most of all, That Uses Time-Tested Methods that Age Well

Aiden and his crew did a fine job with my cement curbing. He consistently kept me updated and very professional. I'd recommend Elysian Gardens.


Elysian Gardens did a terrific job for us! The curbing looks fantastic, and the crew was wonderful to work with! They made sure they cleaned up when they finished. We highly recommend them!

Sarah Hays